1st Notice has been the leading authority on Mission, Objectives and Metrics for almost 20 years. Now over 3,000 organizations rely on us. Compliance and protection drove many of them, but all soon learn 1st Notice is performance justified.

Only Optimum Connect has the Virtual Delivery Interface™ (VDI), an effective alternative to email and Total Feedback Interface™ (TFI), the only duplex and the only integrated alert, feedback and suggestion system. TFI exceeds all compliance requirements and is also the most effective feedback solution. Optimum Connect also includes Cyber Guard Business Identity Defense®, second to none in continuously monitoring the entire spectrum of cyberspace to instantaneously Detect, Stop and Restore.

Every 1st Notice package includes a Shield to indicate the organization exceeds compliance and ethics requirements and performance can be Trusted.


Feedback and Delivering Information are the fourth and fifth absolutes of Sustained Optimum Performance. The first three are Mission, Objectives and Metrics. The right MOM quickly and fundamentally improves all performance metrics including satisfaction and engagement.

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Invitation based engagement

It starts with an invitation to Connect.

If you want to Connect with someone, invite them. Once they accept you’re automatically connected.

And people you know, and don’t know, can invite you to Connect.

As soon as you’re connected you immediately have a private and instantaneous dashboard to dashboard relationship. It includes the ability to instantly deliver to any or all connections, alerts, messages - announcements, offers, coupons, notices, schedules, forms, manuals – any documents or files - audio, images and video.


VDI always delivers instantaneously regardless of the number of recipients or type or size of file.

And VDI always delivers and makes it very easy for recipients to find what they’re looking for.

Timely participation – inquiries, redemptions, responses – and sales soar.

You can also send information to all 1st Notice members who have agreed to accept unsolicited information based on specific geography and interests.

And VDI is completely secure.

Optimum Connect™ DASHBOARD

  • Cyber Guard
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Reputation Management
  • Virtual Delivery Interface
  • Connections
  • Alerts, messages, documents & files
  • Total Feedback Interface
  • Forms, Tiers, Units &Confidential Copies
  • Status board
  • Fail Safe
  • Rapid Cycle Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Resources
  • Easily integrate with other applications and systems



Fail Safe, our research-based notification application, delivers first notice of potentially deleterious issues so they can be quickly and optimally addressed, rather than undermining the organization.


Just welcoming feedback enhances engagement but without a Connect system, constituents will soon be disaffected. 1st Notice effectively processes and manages all feedback resulting in more, and more positive feedback.


Your constituents are the single biggest source of good ideas. 1st Notice will acquire those ideas by increasing suggestions by more than four times any other program and separate the most valuable for you to consider.


Easily include historical data and feedback from other sources and rely on the dashboard, including to automatically manage negative feedback and update and display Shields on social media and other sites.



Spanish and other language portals are available

Other Pricing

Package pricing not right for your organization? Ask us or call 1.717.876.0800 for options and special offers. All government organizations are eligible for a 30% discount, nonprofits a 40% discount and nonprofits that work with minors a 50% discount.


Samples include some of the notifier perspectives and alert categories that may be selected.


Customized solutions are available for any organization type and structure worldwide including franchises and outsourced operations.


Our Small Business IMC (Identity Management Center) is a fully hosted Content Management System designed to accommodate the input, management and display of monitored data elements specific to small businesses and proprietors. It includes a range of commercial credit reports and tools as well as:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Reputation Alerts
  • Full Service Identity Restoration
  • Complete Lost Wallet Services

Rapid Cycle Feedback™

Rapid Cycle Feedback™ is ideal for collecting feedback associated with multiple or repeated interactions such as those associated with: Airlines, Cruises, Education & Training, Extended Care, Health & Fitness, Home Care, Ongoing Services, Physical Therapy, Recruiting, Tours

Input may be solicited and provided “on the go,” in real time. Timely and appropriate questions are pulled from a library of customized and structured forms/questionnaires. Specific questions are triggered by event, activity and or time and or previous responses.

Take Advantage

Take advantage of our continually augmented Resources. And during office hours, we’re always glad to help.

Integrate. Use the Integration Center to help integrate 1st Notice applications with any enterprise and third-party applications such as Salesforce.

Organizations and professionals that are associated with 1st Notice Affiliates or groups for which we’ve established a Special Program may be eligible for additional discounts and benefits.