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Not Liking It

A long time subscriber was frustrated in a recent attempt to give feedback and then “troubled” to see this at the bottom of a major franchise’s online feedback form:

If this "contact us" option was not available, what would you have done instead?

Called the [Company] 800#

Gave feedback on [] mobile site

Mailed a letter to [Company]

Gave feedback via the [Company] App

Posted on Twitter/Facebook

Posted elsewhere online

Spoke with somebody at the restaurant

Done nothing


First kudos to the company for having a relatively findable instrument to give feedback. But our reaction to this was also negative.


We’re glad a business is asking customers how they’d choose to give feedback but this is obtuse and of limited value to the business. Why not just ask what the customer prefers - when, how and what they want in a feedback system?


Then again, we’ve already done that and it’s available to all organizations, and competitors, in our whitepaper.


This particular instrument misses on the first two preferences, the feedback is collected by the company as opposed to a proven third party and there is not even a pretense of confidentially.


And it was the lack of confidentiality that precluded our subscriber from giving constructive feedback. She knows the owner of the restaurant and wanted to share – I would rate it as at least important information – but for reasons we all would understand didn’t want to be identified.


The feedback has since been delivered via our Recommend  feature and we hope that the company treats it like the gift it is.


1st Notice: Serious issues, feedback and suggestions, when, how and what constituents want. When, how and what organizations need.