My Way, Their Way and The Way

We all believe in feedback. On our terms.


Consumers and members of the workforce want to give the feedback they want to give, when they want, the way they want. Providers - sellers and employers want to get at least the category of feedback they want, when they want, the way they want.


Most of the feedback that consumers and the workforce persist in submitting via current systems is driven by dissatisfaction. And when providers and employers want our feedback they often badger us for it, especially on the web.


It’s not a good situation and everyone loses. There is a great deal of untapped information that could, would benefit all constituencies. In addition to not having the opportunity to address dissatisfaction and not receiving invaluable suggestions, providers and employers do not receive first notice of serious issues and do not get the good feedback that they have earned.


Tremendous attention and resources are given to market research to determine consumer, and workforce when there is a shortage, preferences. Providers’ and employers’ feedback methodologies and processes should also be based on consumer and workforce preferences and 1st Notice has identified those preferences for serious issues, feedback and suggestions.


The top 10 preferences of over 200,000 consumers and members of the workforce are:

  1. Managed by an independent third party
  2. Offers absolute confidentiality
  3. Status can be checked
  4. May be given online
  5. Mobile optimized
  6. Accessible, simple and quick
  7. Confirmed receipt
  8. 24/7
  9. Data cannot be hacked
  10. May be given via text

The first three features define an Effective Notification System but all 10 make feedback so easy and effective that providers and employers will receive timely, sufficient and valuable notice of serious issues, feedback and suggestions.